Surprise! Price Most Important For Consumers On Shopping Engines

4 Apr

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that consumers doing a search on a shopping engine are concerned about price. I guess some people have too much time on their hands .  If you are on a shopping engine you better: 1) Have one of the best prices 2) Be a trusted store 3) Have shipping info, if not you are getting either lousy ROI or giving a lousy customer experience.

According to BizRate, “49% of shoppers said price was most important to them when comparison shopping, a decrease from the 58% who said so when Shopzilla did the same survey in 2003. Conversely, only 7% of shoppers surveyed in 2003 said customer feedback was the most important factor when comparison shopping, in contrast to the 18% who said so in the 2007 survey. That means price has dropped in importance over the past four years by 9%, while customer feedback had gained in importance by 11%.”

Full article

*disclaimer the company I work for does CSE feeds*

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