Social Marketing & Digg Bait an Idiot’s View (this time the idiot isn’t me)

9 Apr  has steadily decreased in relevance and appeal in the past few years.(losing Garrett French a few years ago was huge blow to the overall quality of the site) I would rate Webprownews nearly as compelling a read as the instructions on the back of a shampoo bottle. Nearly. A latest article confirms they are scraping the bottom the barrel and have printed some half-ass article about ‘social marketing’ (however, if you want entertaining half-assed article, then you are at the right blog) . 

The author , Lee Odden, ( I won’t reward him with a link) sums up social marketing as just being ‘Digg bait’. What a facile, simple minded observation. (I’m being extremely charitable by calling it an observation)  I’m far from a social marketing freak, and while I don’t think social marketing is the revolutionizing mechanism that certain evangelists think it is, I am certain that it simply more than getting some links. Social networking is predicated upon two-way, hell multi-way communication, where multiple voices are heard.  Like many people not really conversant in online marketing, Lee has confused various aspects of viral marketing, social marketing, search engine marketing and corporate marketing. To some extent this is to be expected as the lines separating the various marketing ploys are intentionally blurred, but for someone holding themselves out as a marketing expert, it’s inexcusable.

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