Boston Police Bomb Squad, Abandoned Backpacks and Marketing

10 Apr

Boston has suffered yet another ATHF (Aqua Team Hunger Force, for those who don’t watch Comedy Central) style marketing  backfire . B4Class, yet another social networking site, and created by 18-year old North Quicy, MA resident Sofia Loginova, is now linked to a Newton North High School lockdown. The high school parking lot was evacuated when several abandoned backpacks were found. The State Police bomb squad was called in and the backpacks were found to have B4Class promotional materials.The company denies any involvement.  I thought the original ATHF was much ado about nothing…well nothing any reasonable person would find alarming. This however seems designed to generate governmental attention. My gut tells me it’s some guy trying to impress Sofia Loginova. To that guy let me pass on some advice.  Getting the bomb squad involves rarely impresses the girls…well at least any girls you’d want to take to the prom.  


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