Most Viewed Sites in the World

11 Apr

From Internet Retailer:Microsoft, Google and Yahoo top the list of the world’s most visited web sites, according to the latest research from comScore Inc., a research firm specializing in consumer behavior. In February 2007, among Internet users age 15 and up, Microsoft sites received 507.3 million unique visitors, Google sites 503 million unique visitors and Yahoo sites 459 million, according to comScore World Metrix. Following the top three were:

  • Time Warner Network, 256.2 million
  • eBay, 248.6 million
  • Wikipedia sites, 192.2 million
  • Amazon sites, 143 million
  • Fox Interactive Media, 140.5 million
  • CNET Networks, 116.4 million
  • Apple Computer Inc., 111.9 million
  • Ask Network, 108.7 million
  • Adobe sites, 98.8 million
  • Lycos Inc., 86.6 million
  • Viacom Digital, 76.6 million
  • New York Times Digital, 71 million

 I assume they excluded porn sites.  just missed making the list =)


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