Google Hates Don Imus too

16 Apr

Story below 

I don’t hate Imus; yeah he was stupid and his remarks were crass and offensive. But this is news? This is what he does.  If he wants to say it, fine. If people want to clamor for his head, fine. If sponsors back out, fine. If he gets fired, fine. That’s how it is supposed to work. You say what you want and the consequences follow.  

But do I think Imus is a racist? No idea. Haven’t met the man. What I do think is there is something wrong with this country when some people get fired and others get Grammy’s for saying exactly the same thing. *steps off soapbox*                     

Shortly after Don Imus was fired from CBS for his insensitive remarks, all the sponsored links disappeared from Google’s results page for a “don imus” search.Yahoo and MSN were still running paid ads. The next day a few ads were up and running. For more info:


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