Google Pay Per Action: One month of results in

18 Apr

Over on Search Engine Watch Forums, one advertiser created Google Pay Per Action ads and reported his findings. His results? Easy to create, poor performance. With no impressions on his PPA ads, its not surprising.  It’s definitely too early to start kicking dirt on its grave, but it bears watching. Anyone want to comment on their experiences?

“-Setup in adwords was easy, since google has segregated PPA ads at the campaign level under a new “Pay-Per-Action” tab (your regular ads are placed under a “Standard” tab.) -Setting my “PPA bid” (maxCPA) was slightly confusing, since in the beta test this is done in the “Conversion Tracking” area. I assume this will change in production. (In general it would be great to have total flexibility on the payment side, with the option to pay for ads any way we like: CPM, PPC, PPA and even change anytime we want. But I assume that would require a huge system change.)-Anyway, we do lead generation, so I set my maxCPA at $10, which is what I expect to pay/lead from my current cost/conversion stats. -I did *not* need to change or modify the existing adwords conversion tracking code on our website in any way – which was a big relief.-However, so far the PPA ad has received no impressions, so the need is on the ad distribution side of the house i.e. getting adsense publishers to run these ads. We’re in a very specialized vertical market, so this does not come as a big surpise, but until I see some distribution I cannot evaluate the ad performance.” 

Hat Tip to RustyBrick,


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