The #1 Most Sought After Athlete Endorser Is?

24 Apr

Can you guess the #1 most sought after athlete, active or retired, for endorsement deals? Nope, not the golfer. Guess again. Nope, not the basketball player…well, not that basketball player.  The answer? Earvin Johnson, aka Magic Johnson.  Ten of the top 20 athletes on the list have retired from their primary sport and have moved into business, management, broadcasting and other endeavors, according to “Athlete Business,” a survey from TSE Sports & Entertainment, New York. The study was conducted this year among 213 marketing executives who use athletes for corporate purposes. OK you have a right to be skeptical. I know I am. Here is the full list: 

1)Magic Johnson

2) Peyton Manning  3) Michael Jordan

4) Tiger Woods 

5) Cal Ripken, Jr. 

6) Lance Armstrong 

7) LeBron James 

8 ) Terry Bradshaw 

9) Shaquille O’Neal 

10) Charles Barkley

11) Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 

12) Annika Sorenstam

13) Yogi Berra 

14) Steve Young

15) Danika Patrick 

16) Rusty Wallace 

17) Derek Jeter 

18) Tiki Barber

19) Venus Williams 

20) Bill Walton

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