Zunch Communications Files For Bankruptcy

30 Apr

By Jeff Buechler

Following on the downfall of MSI/Websourced/KeywordRanking and Reprise, Zunch is the latest SEM firm to take a nasty tumble. Zunch is claiming that the loss  of a number of key executives lead to this.

“Essentially, Zunch Communications never fully recovered from that split. Zunch Communications fell further behind both in paying its obligations and in servicing its clients,” Zunch Worldwide spokesperson, James Sadler said. Zunch Worldwide has bought the assets and took on some of the debt of Zunch Communications in October 2006, and that company finally filed for bankruptcy last week.

The other side:Tony Wright, VP of client services at Dexterity Media and one of the original six to leave says, “We left because we saw the company was doing some things that we didn’t agree with. For them to infer that the bankruptcy is the result of us leaving is absurd.” Dexterity Media is thriving according to Wright.  For an interesting time line, follow the link: http://searchengineland.com/070427-085646.php

Edit: I debated over including  this, but since I have not read it anywhere else: MSI and Zunch both had the same VP of Sales, Chadd Lomoglio. From my understanding, Chadd left Zunch a month before its bankruptcy and left MSI about a year before its downfall. 


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