Baseball Teams & Natural Search Rankings

16 May

I’m a big baseball fan. There is nothing like a day at the ballpark to clear your head, bond with your friends and feel like a kid again.  After listening to sports talk radio on the way into work and hearing about the travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham that is Barry Bonds 10 dingers out from tying Hammering Hank, my mind wandered from the usual rush hour traffic rage to wondering where the best sports franchise  of all time ranked on Google. (I have plenty of time on my hands). I ran a search on ‘the best baseball team’ to see what teams came up. Here are the results: #1 Yankees:  My beloved Yankees come out #1. As they should.    

#2  N/A: A site trying to determine who is the best team (their result? The 1927 Yankees)   #3 MLB Home page: no team identified  

#4 Chicago Cubs:   #5 Detroit Tigers:  

#6 N/A: baseball movie page, although the displayed URL contains the Chicago White Sox, the url redirects to a URL that does not mention the White  #7 N/A: An Amazon homepage for a baseball book 

#8 The Boston Red Sox:   #9 The Rio Rancho High School Baseball Team: Curiously this page says ‘This is a test’. If it was a test of SEO, I suggest someone hire this guy. 

#10 Yankees: Again the Murderer’s Row that was the 1927 Yankees come out on top.


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