How to Improve Paid Search Performance 45%

16 May

From DM News:

“Multichannel merchant Evogear watched its revenue from search take a 45 percent jump over expectations in the past six months. Evogear sells skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding gear and apparel via its e-commerce Web site at and in a store in Seattle.

Now, instead of manually bidding on keywords, SearchAdvisor raises and lowers bids based on conditions set by Evogear. The company can drill deeper into the analytics and design campaigns on a keyword basis.

“In the past we were throwing away some campaigns that could potentially have been lucrative,” said Ricky DeJong, search marketing manager at Evogear.

That’s because the company was able to look at only the overall return on investment. With SearchAdvisor, it can see the ROI on every keyword in a campaign. Evogear expanded its pay-per-click campaigns to Yahoo and MSN, which have had higher ROI and conversion, Mr. DeJong said.

With the 45 percent increase in revenue from search since launching SearchAdvisor, Evogear plans to increase its commitment to search marketing this year. Mr. Decker said the company will increase its list of keywords tenfold this year. ”

For the full article: 

**Disclosure I work for ChannelAdvisor, the company who owns the SearchAdvisor technology**

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