Google Universal Search, You Tube and Yahoo’s Dilemma

21 May

Search is predicated upon providing the best consumer experience possible i.e. most relevant search results. It’s Intertubes’ history: Google transformed the industry by tying authority and popularity into pagerank. Now Google is attempting to stay ahead of its competition by incorporating results, regardless of type, format, or media.

This should, in theory, provide searchers more choice (including video, i.e. You Tube), and better results.


Enter Yahoo’s dilemma.


In order to gain marketshare, Yahoo needs to provide compelling reasons, including more relevant results, for people to switch and use Yahoo as their primary search engine.  Instead, with Google’s Universal Search, Yahoo finds itself potentially returning inferior search results.


So what, you ask? Just add the same kinds of results that Google has? Does Yahoo really want to drive traffic to a Google owned web property…a potentially heavily monetized site like You Tube? Does Yahoo want be a partner in increasing Google’s revenues?


Yahoo is in an increasing tenuous spot. Yahoo could ultimately be sending its users into the arms and bank account of Google.


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