Yahoo Spamming Itself

22 May

Yahoo may be playing fast and loose with its own Search Content Quality Guidelines.

Agerheart is reporting some interesting findings. “they are clearly serving different content to their users and to the search engines.  The pages they’re serving to the bots are heavily keyword stuffed.  I honestly don’t know where they could cram the word “used cars” on the page again.  It’s everywhere”-Agerheart

 The first thumbnail on the left is what you will see  if you are surfing as a normal user. will The thumbnail on the right,, is what you see if you are crawling as Slurp.  

yahoo-used-cars-normal-brow1.jpgYahoo Spamming Itself

I love it. Too bad they still aren’t on Google’s first page of results for ‘used cars’! Maybe they should

buy some links.


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