Do You Want Google to Have Your Genetic Information?

22 May

Google’s goal of gathering, correlating and presenting all known information is taking a step down the DNA path. Google has taken a small stake in a biotech company that was co-founded by the wife of one of Google’s founders, Sergey Brin, Google said in a
U.S. regulatory filing on Tuesday.  Google has taken a $3.9 million in 23andMe Inc. , a company that is “…building on recent advances in DNA analysis technologies to enable broad, secure, and private access to trustworthy and accurate individual genetic information. Combined with educational and scientific resources with which to interpret and understand it, your genome will soon become personal in a whole new way.”

Did  anyone else just get a chill down their back?   While I recognize we are a long way from genetic information being readily and easily available to the general public, let alone to governments but we aren’t all that far either. Is this the beginning of a dangerously slippery slope or is it a continuation of long established US policy that included forced sterilization of the mentally retarded on the basis of preventing the ‘contamination’ of the gene pool (65,000 individuals were sterilized in 33 states under state compulsory sterilization programs in the United States). Google has a history of being far too cozy with governments around the world; from providing information on its users to the US government to blocking access to sites that the Chinese government deems as  subversive 

So while I do not think there is any cabal that is secretly plotting to gather and use an entire population’s DNA against them,  I do recognize that history is rife with examples of seemingly innocuous programs being corrupted and perverted for other ends. And, we all know what the road to hell is paved with. I worry about too much information in any one organization’s hands. Now more than ever, information is power.


2 Responses to “Do You Want Google to Have Your Genetic Information?”


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