Some study says 80% of consumers take action based on online video ads- I call BS

21 Jun

From Internet Retailer “Online video advertising is proving to be an effective method of persuading consumers to visit web sites, go to a store or make a purchase, according to a new study from the Online Publishers Association.

Of the 80% of consumers who have watched a video ad online, 52% took some sort of action, including checking out a web site (31%), searching for more information (22%), going into a store (15%), or making a purchase (12%), the study found. Visitors to media sites (magazine, newspaper, cable, broadcast and web-only retailers) were more inclined to take action upon viewing a video ad than visitors to portals and user-generated content sites. ”

Ummm…don’t most people find them highly irritating and a pain to get rid of? There is a strong whiff of animal excrement.


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