FTC to Look Into Online Marketing Practices

27 Jun

Responding to complaints by Center for Digital Democracy and US PIRG, the FTC will hold a Town Hall meeting dedicated to the issue in the fall as part of a larger effort to engage the public on technology issues. CDD’s executive director its director Jeffrey Chester was not mollified, “The FTC is still lagging in its understanding about how digital marketing practices threatens our privacy online. While such ‘town halls’ are useful for the public, the so-called ‘expert’ agency designated to protect our privacy should be ready to recommend safeguards–not urge more investigation.”The CDD wants the government (long known to respect the privacy of internet users ) to look into the practices of online marketers and prevent them from creating ‘dossiers’ on internet users without their consent.  If anyone would like to look at the dossier I have compiled on them, their children, and their dog, please send me a check immediately.    



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