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13 Jul

 By now, anyone who cares to know, already knows that has received $15 million in funding. is different from other comparison shopping engines (CSE) in that merchants do not have to pay to have their products listed. is getting about 2 million uniques a month, of which a majority of which is NOT coming from PPC arbitrage.  

In my daily discussions with online retailers, has a lot of good buzz around it and I am getting asked on a regular basis about who they are and how it works.  That led to sponsoring a webinar with yesterday that had nearly as high attendance as the previous webinar which featured Google Product Search.  (both recorded webinars can be found here) 

That should make the online marketing community pay attention to this small CSE. Retailers, if you are doing other CSE, it may make sense to take a look at


MSN up 67%

12 Jul, a site that provides free information for over a million web sites, including site traffic history and competitive analytics, is saying that MSN/Live increased their query volume by 67% from May, and 48% from a year ago.  (Total search volume was up in June and everyone had some degree of increase). A good deal of that increase is probably due to Live Search Club, where visitors/searchers can  play games for points which are redeemable for various Microsoft products. Lots of good data, follow the link for the complete story.

Another EBay VP Jumping Ship?

12 Jul

With close ties to Ebay, when Scot Wingo (my boss FYI) says that he is hearing rumors that Lorrie Norrington, President of eBay International, is leaving eBay for Yahoo! where she’ll be running products, it pays to listen.

If she does leave, then that would open yet another hole in the EBay management team. Sold to Apple for $1,000,000+

2 Jul

 So the domain was just transferred to some fruit company for an undisclosed 7 digit sum. The domain was purchased in let’s assume $10/mo for 12 years ($120) for domain fees so he got a decent 84,000:1 return on his investment….not too bad. I’m guessing he also got an iphone out of the deal as well.

Jellyfish Celebrates Its 1 Year Anniversary

2 Jul

Jellyfish Celebrates Its 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday Jellyfish…I love your smack offs…plus I have a little crush on one of your reps!

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