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Would you Confuse Flour with terrorism?

27 Aug

This has nothing to do with online marketing…so tough titty, I’m pissed. This story make my blood boil. We now have the two dumbest, stupidest most absurd assholish asshat-ish towns in America…Boston for its ATFH fiasco…and now this.

Running club members face felony charges

By CARA RUBINSKY, Associated Press WriterSat Aug 25, 6:19 PM ET

Two people who sprinkled flour in a parking lot to mark a trail for their offbeat running club inadvertently caused a bioterrorism scare and now face a felony charge.

The sprinkled powder forced hundreds to evacuate an IKEA furniture store Thursday.

New Haven ophthalmologist Daniel Salchow, 36, and his sister, Dorothee, 31, who is visiting from Hamburg, Germany, were both charged with first-degree breach of peace, a felony.

The siblings set off the scare while organizing a run for a local chapter of the Hash House Harriers, a worldwide group that bills itself as a “drinking club with a running problem.”

“Hares” are given the task of marking a trail to direct runners, throwing in some dead ends and forks as challenges. On Thursday, the Salchows decided to route runners through the massive IKEA parking lot.

Police fielded a call just before 5 p.m. that someone was sprinkling powder on the ground. The store was evacuated and remained closed the rest of the night. The incident prompted a massive response from police in New Haven and surrounding towns.

Daniel Salchow biked back to IKEA when he heard there was a problem and told officers the powder was just harmless flour, which he said he and his sister have sprinkled everywhere from New York to California without incident.

“Not in my wildest dreams did I ever anticipate anything like that,” he said.

Mayoral spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said the city plans to seek restitution from the Salchows, who are due in court Sept. 14.

“You see powder connected by arrows and chalk, you never know,” she said. “It could be a terrorist, it could be something more serious. We’re thankful it wasn’t, but there were a lot of resources that went into figuring that out.”


Email Marketing Bigger than Direct Mail in UK

23 Aug

According to DM News; email marketing has surpassed direct mail in the UK. We all knew this day was coming…I just wish it was coming faster to the US.  If it wasn’t for the occasional municipal water bill, I could throw away all of my snail mail and not even miss it. When is the last time you received something you really wanted in the mail? (online purchases delilvered excepted)

Check out more at the above link.

Google Search Share Up…Again.

23 Aug

Hitwise is reporting:

  • Google accounted for 64.35% of all US searches in the four weeks ended July 28, nearly four percentage points more than the comparable period a year earlier
  • Yahoo Search received 22.31% of searches in July (nearly unchanged from last year).
  • MSN Search accounted for 8.79% (a significant 3 percentage points more than last year).
  •’s share of searches was 3.21% (nearly unchanged from last year).

The remaining 48 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.52% of US searches, the online research firm said. Announces the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the USA

23 Aug

“The Inc. 5,000 includes the Inc. 500, but digs deeper to offer the most comprehensive look ever at the entrepreneurial engine driving the U.S. Economy.”

I am pleased to announce that ChannelAdvisor  is # 835. Growing that fast means CA has a number of positions open, so if you are looking for a job, you might want to check CA out!. If you send me your resume, I’ll make sure it gets put at the top of the pile. jeff.buechler (at) channeladvisor (dot) com


‘Best Presidential Candidates’: Google tells you who to vote for

9 Aug

A few days ago I posted a list for ‘presidential candidates 2008’. Non-running, non-polluting, non 2000-winning ‘candidate’ Al Gore came out on top. (Well, #3 really). That was a pretty non-biased search query and one that even the most partisan searcher couldn’t have a problem with. Well that’s helpful if you want to think about who you should vote for. But what about those of us who have grown to depend on Google for the answer to all life’s questions? I asked the all powerful Google who it (He? She?) thinks is  the ‘best presidential candidate’. Google’s all-knowing answer here: 

#2 Rudy Giuliani (Thanks Google, I like what he has to say, but what about getting rid of all the pr0n and the adult book stores in Times Square? Where can I get my pr0n now? Oh wait….Google can help with that too!) 

#3 Umm some random guy (Brooke) at a Microsoft trade mag (no its not Steve or Bill…seriously…some random guy) 

# 5 Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mike Gravel, Ron Paul (courtesy of Slashdot) 

#7 Alfred E. Neuman I guess a cartoon character could do a decent job, couldn’t be any worse than the joker in the White House now! 

#40 Tancredo 

#55 Bill Richardson 

#57 Joe Biden 

#67 Steve Kubby –Libertarian 

#86 Mitt Romney 

#114 Sam Brownback 

#166 John Edwards (he was actually referred to in the # 10 spot as ‘the candidate from North Carolina”, but that wasn’t good enough) 

I got bored looking for Al Gore and stopped after #200. Take that as you will! Hmmm….next week ‘worst presidential candidates’.

ps. If you actually do a search for ‘Google, who should I vote for president?’, Ron Paul is the first candidate mentioned. I am so confused!

Presidential SERP’S

6 Aug

I love lists ; there is just something so egalitarian about them. I wanted to see how US presidential candidates (and those who haven’t declared, but are probably running anyway…I’m looking at you Al Gore and Fred Thompson) are fairing. So, in the spirit of contributing to a healthy democracy, I give you Google results for ‘presidential candidates 2008’ (no quotes). This list will give the ranking based on any mention of the candidate, positive or negative. (check us out in a few days for another list for the ‘best presidential candidates’).  What really struck me was that there were only 2 (well, one officially) candidates names listed anywhere on the first page!   

#3 Al Gore –D 

#5 Rudy Giuliani –R 

#18 Mitt Romney –R 

#26 Barack Obama –D (the first official site mentioned) 

#30 Ron Paul –R (He may know social marketing, but his SEO if for crap) 

#44 Dennis Kucinich –D

#48 Fred Thompson –R, John McCain –R (first YouTube SERP to mention a candidate)

#54 Joe Biden –D

#72 Hillary Clinton –D (umm Hill-dog, you might want to have your people look into this)

#79 Bob W. Hargis –I (he may be a third party candidate, but he is the # 1 third party candidate!)

#103 Christopher Dodd -R, John Edwards -D, Bill Richardson –D, Mike Gravel –R (.pdf) 

# 162 Tom Tancredo –R (ok I have no idea who this guy is) 

#179 Sam Brownback –R  

OK I am sure I missed some marginal candidates, but I live in a representational republic and that’s my prerogative!  Jeffrey Buechler

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