Presidential SERP’S

6 Aug

I love lists ; there is just something so egalitarian about them. I wanted to see how US presidential candidates (and those who haven’t declared, but are probably running anyway…I’m looking at you Al Gore and Fred Thompson) are fairing. So, in the spirit of contributing to a healthy democracy, I give you Google results for ‘presidential candidates 2008’ (no quotes). This list will give the ranking based on any mention of the candidate, positive or negative. (check us out in a few days for another list for the ‘best presidential candidates’).  What really struck me was that there were only 2 (well, one officially) candidates names listed anywhere on the first page!   

#3 Al Gore –D 

#5 Rudy Giuliani –R 

#18 Mitt Romney –R 

#26 Barack Obama –D (the first official site mentioned) 

#30 Ron Paul –R (He may know social marketing, but his SEO if for crap) 

#44 Dennis Kucinich –D

#48 Fred Thompson –R, John McCain –R (first YouTube SERP to mention a candidate)

#54 Joe Biden –D

#72 Hillary Clinton –D (umm Hill-dog, you might want to have your people look into this)

#79 Bob W. Hargis –I (he may be a third party candidate, but he is the # 1 third party candidate!)

#103 Christopher Dodd -R, John Edwards -D, Bill Richardson –D, Mike Gravel –R (.pdf) 

# 162 Tom Tancredo –R (ok I have no idea who this guy is) 

#179 Sam Brownback –R  

OK I am sure I missed some marginal candidates, but I live in a representational republic and that’s my prerogative!  Jeffrey Buechler

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