‘Best Presidential Candidates’: Google tells you who to vote for

9 Aug

A few days ago I posted a list for ‘presidential candidates 2008’. Non-running, non-polluting, non 2000-winning ‘candidate’ Al Gore came out on top. (Well, #3 really). That was a pretty non-biased search query and one that even the most partisan searcher couldn’t have a problem with. Well that’s helpful if you want to think about who you should vote for. But what about those of us who have grown to depend on Google for the answer to all life’s questions? I asked the all powerful Google who it (He? She?) thinks is  the ‘best presidential candidate’. Google’s all-knowing answer here: 

#2 Rudy Giuliani (Thanks Google, I like what he has to say, but what about getting rid of all the pr0n and the adult book stores in Times Square? Where can I get my pr0n now? Oh wait….Google can help with that too!) 

#3 Umm some random guy (Brooke) at a Microsoft trade mag (no its not Steve or Bill…seriously…some random guy) 

# 5 Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Mike Gravel, Ron Paul (courtesy of Slashdot) 

#7 Alfred E. Neuman I guess a cartoon character could do a decent job, couldn’t be any worse than the joker in the White House now! 

#40 Tancredo 

#55 Bill Richardson 

#57 Joe Biden 

#67 Steve Kubby –Libertarian 

#86 Mitt Romney 

#114 Sam Brownback 

#166 John Edwards (he was actually referred to in the # 10 spot as ‘the candidate from North Carolina”, but that wasn’t good enough) 

I got bored looking for Al Gore and stopped after #200. Take that as you will! Hmmm….next week ‘worst presidential candidates’.

ps. If you actually do a search for ‘Google, who should I vote for president?’, Ron Paul is the first candidate mentioned. I am so confused!


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