Comparison Shopping Engine Strategy Primer

3 Oct

How do you effectively market to millions of shoppers simultaneously and offer them a chance to view your products?

  Basic Merchandising: Product Data and Promotions Product merchandising is a broad term, but we can narrow it down to a few key ingredients. The first ingredient is developing product attributes. As a retailer, you want to supply each comparison shopping site with as much data as possible. More data greatly increases your relevancy and extends your reach to shoppers who otherwise may not findyour products …As more sites adopt attribute-based searches…  Product Search  Phase 2 in Multi-Channel Retailing: How to Merchandise Your Products 

…product merchandising requires distributing promotional information about your products.If you are a successful online merchant, you’re continually running promotions… But efficiently replicating these promotional offers at all the engines and testing them from site to site can be overwhelming. One option is to employ a method similar to the A/B testing you use on your website. Once you’ve tested alternate offers, you can use the collected information to identify the unique offers that translate into conversions on each individual site. …This ensures visitors are enjoying the ultimate shopping experience and you’re converting with every offer.

 Merchandising to the Max: User-Generated Optimization …optimization of two important data points: titles and descriptions. Each comparison shopping site has its preferred title format and its own unique character count for descriptions. To do this effectively, make sure to optimize your title and your description for each site individually…

…the next task is determining exactly which terms will attract the most customers on each site. The best way to optimize these data points is to insert user search queries that actually resulted in a purchase of that item in the past. … and includes those keywords into product titles and descriptions.

 The Icing on the Cake: Product Pricing Analysis Price is important on a price comparison site. A no-brainer, right? …but we want to emphasize it …The price of your products is probably the most important data point in your comparison shopping data feed. [editor’s note:if you aren’t reviewing your pricing against that of your competitors, it’s unlikely you are doing as well as you could be]   ‘Complete Control’ Over Your Product Merchandising Not all comparison shopping sites are the same. Each has its own unique features, advantages and capabilities. The challenge is finding the right merchandising mix: the right product information, promotions and pricing combinations to reach the target audience for your products and make them want to purchase. 

To recap:

  • Understand how each shopping site works. • Keep up with each site’s changing requirements. • Analyze your success on a daily basis. • Develop an efficient and profitable multi-channel marketing strategy.   


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