The Internet Has No Wrath Like a Woman Scorned

26 Oct

From Yahoo News:

A 34-year-old woman has been charged with using the Internet to try to get revenge on an old boyfriend by breaking up his marriage. Pilar Stofega has been charged with second-degree harassment and breach of peace and released on $2,500 bond.

Waterford police say she created phony profiles of the former boyfriend’s current wife on some adult Web sites that included the wife’s home and work phone numbers and high school yearbook picture.

Stofega said she did to it “to be vindictive, knowing that the profiles would create marital problems between” the victim and her husband, according to court documents.

The plot came to life when strange men started calling a Waterford woman’s house over the summer, saying they had seen her profile on an adult Web site.

The man Stofega had dated eight years ago used his own computer to investigate and discovered someone had created a profile for his wife on several Internet sites, according to court records.

Police say the husband did more online investigating and was able to find out that the person behind the phony profiles of his wife was the woman he dated in 1999. He passed the information on to Waterford police, leading to Stofega’s arrest last week.

Waterford police got a court order to seize Stofega’s Internet records. They reviewed the account records before searching her house in late September.

Stofega was at the house when police served the warrant. Officers said she provided them with a sworn written statement in which she admitted to intentionally creating the profiles in the victim’s likeness on the adult Web sites.

Stofega is scheduled to appear in New London Superior Court on Monday. Court records did not list an attorney and her phone number was not listed.;_ylt=Aq9WHHvg06eWs.UK2vILnTUuQE4F


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    Thanks for the post. We love it.


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