If Google Really Wants To Help Consumers at the Pump

7 Nov

Google will soon dispense driving directions at thousands of gasoline pumps across the United States beginning early next month.But If Google wants to really help drivers at the pump with oil prices getting ready to hit $100/barrel, I propose Google start serving up ads at the same time in exchange for a discount on the gas purchase. How will advertisers know that people will view the ads? Are you kidding me? What else is there to do when pumping gas!? OK, if sheer boredom isn’t enough, make the consumer answer (could be by the existing pump yes/no buttons, or on the ad display device) a simple question about the ad at the end. It is so fiendishly simple and its good for everyone! Consumers, advertisers and Google, too!  I have just made Google another billion or so, and I just saved you 25 cents a gallon on gas. Sergey, I’ll expect my check to be in the mail today.

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