Google Buying Sprint? Hell No.

12 Nov

Google is no stranger to randoms speculating about their plans (and normally quite wrong), and today Rich Tehrani ruminates on the possibility of Google buying Sprint. Yeah that Sprint . He says,

 The company now needs a wireless network to allow it to grow in the mobile search and related spaces such as watching YouTube videos on the subway.” 

I call bullshit.  

Let’s assume Rich’s hypothetical is correct. (Obviously Google is looking at the mobile market pretty heavily). Why would they want a CDMA network?  Google has always looked for young, fresh companies with better/best technology out there… not a bureaucratic mess saddled with an aging technology and a dissatisfied subscriber base that is steadily decreasing. 

Google has never wanted to be a infrastructure company…its always been about content and information.  I don’t see that changing.


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