Top Ten PPC Management Companies

4 Dec


You’re The Best 

I always take these lists with a MASSIVE grain of salt but Top SEO’s ( has released its list of the best pay per click management companies.  I work for one of them and have worked with 2 of them so I can attest to the fine work some of the companies have done.

 Here’s a list of the top 10 Pay Per Click Management firms that have been selected for December 2007:

  1. Ionic Media — California
  2. Intrapromote LLC — Ohio
  3. SEOP Inc. — California
  4. SEO Image, Inc.– New York
  5. SEO Inc. — California
  6. SearchAdNetwork — Colorado
  7. ChannelAdvisor — North Carolina
  8. JumpFly, Inc. — Illinois
  9. Efficient Frontier Inc — California
  10. IMPAQT — Pennsylvania

The top 10 candidates are chosen on the basis of a thorough selection process and the reputation of the list compiled by speaks for its quality. The selection of the candidates is based on the following criterions:

  — Competitive advantage
  — Superior services and pricing
  — Customer and technical support
  — Knowledge of business
  — Sound professional analysis of requirements, and competitors
  — Response to client problems
  — Innovations that set it apart from the competition
  — Overall usability, efficiency, and performance

by: Jeff Buechler


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