Social Marketing Against a Cult (Scientology)

28 Jan

Anonymous is using a combination of legal and illegal ethically dubious techniques to shine some light onto Scientology.

If you think people flown to the earth in inter-galactic DC-8s, put around volcanoes and then blown up with H-bombs sounds like a good religion, Scientology is for you!

If however, you think that Scientology just might be a cult that kidnaps people, spies on government agencies and sues people who disagree with them, well then you may be interested in a group calling itself Anonymous. is calling it the first widely popular crowdwar and with all the attention they are getting on Fark and Digg, they might be right.

“So far, we’ve seen denial of service attacks to take Scientology websites offline, leaked internal materials, plenty of war declarations and “rah-rah” support videos on YouTube, widespread popularizing of anti-Scientology stories through social news sites, and a lot this bubbling up to the mainstream media. Near as I can tell, there’s no unifying strategy, just a lot of people participating in whatever way they’re comfortable, whether it’s Digging a story, posting to blogs and online forums, or working with the hackers.”-Hespos

Mark my words, this is a significant social event and people are going to be studying it for years to come.

I may not be totally onboard with Anonymous but I do support their goals.


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