The Cost of Being a Valentine, Men Spend More than Women

11 Feb

On average, the price placed on love – that is, the amount intended to be spent on Valentine’s Day – is $128.00 ($166 spent by men, and $90 spent by women), according to the Brand Keys bi-annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

“More and more gifts are being exchanged between friends and family in the name of St. Valentine, and that’s turned Valentine’s Day into a major retail holiday,” said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, Inc.

There are demographic differences in gift giving, according to the findings:

  • The 18-34-year-olds plan to spend the most (as they seem to do every year) at an average of $162.
  • The 35-49-year-olds plan to spend $69.
  • The 50+ group plans to spend an average of $52.

“Gift-giving will be slightly skewed this year as purchases of gift cards have nearly doubled now that they’ve replaced ‘gift certificates’ and have become a more-than-acceptable gift,” said Passikoff.


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