Ebay Boycott

20 Feb

Today is the third day of a seller’s boycott against Ebay’s recent decision to eliminate sellers the ability to give buyer feedback ratings.

Ebay listings seem to be down 3%  but an Ebay spokesman says that the boycott isn’t having an impact.

My question to you is, ‘ Did you know there was a boycott?’ ‘Do you care?’


One Response to “Ebay Boycott”

  1. nursegirl January 25, 2009 at 8:32 pm #

    Has it had an effect? Are you free to say what you want now? We all know who screwed up ebay and his first name starts with an S.
    His stupidity, as well as the stupidity of the Board of Directors of Ebay, are the reasons for the company’s failures. Everyone knows that.

    Only because some of the sellers were still in “denial” that the BOD (and the idiotic people running the company) could be THAT bad that they didn’t ALL stop selling immediately. But that will change. The truth always comes out in the end.

    Did you know there was a boycott? Do you care? I don’t! I saw it coming!!
    You should be glad you are no longer a part of that hypocritical, and egotistical leech company.

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