Info on MSN Live Cash Back Program

21 May

What is Live Search cashback?
Microsoft Live Search cashback is “The Search That Pays You Back”. Find great deals on millions of products from hundreds of brand name stores that you know and trust. You will be able to earn cashback savings based on a percentage of the product price. Your savings will be paid to you via your choice of a deposit to your PayPal account, direct deposit to your bank account, or a check in the mail. It’s that simple! For the complete program terms and conditions, see the Microsoft Service Agreement.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up one of two ways:

Go directly to the signup page; or
The first time you click to visit a store using Live Search cashback, we’ll ask you for your email address for a one-time account set up. Then, look for an email from us ( within a few hours. This email will step you through the simple process of completing your account sign-up.


Is a Live Search cashback account really free?
Yes! There are no costs, hidden fees or extra charges to you.

Why do I need an account?
To receive your cashback, you need to provide us some basic information so we can communicate and send your savings to you. You can read our complete program terms and conditions, but rest assured that your cashback account is free, and Microsoft does not sell, rent, or lease our customer information to third parties. For complete information on how Microsoft uses and protects the information that you provide, please see the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement.

Who is eligible for Live Search cashback?
You are as long as you:

Provide us with a valid email address and password for account access.
Are a U.S. citizen or legal resident, and at least 18 years of age.
Have a valid mailing address (a P.O. Box won’t work).
Create or have an active Windows Live ID and cashback account.
Adhere to the Microsoft Service Agreement.


How do I find Live Search cashback deals?
As you search on Microsoft Live Search (, look for this icon to let you know that cashback savings are available from Live Search. You can also search directly for cashback deals and participating stores at the Live Search cashback site. Your results will always clearly list the cashback amount and your bottom-line price.

Do I earn cashback on everything I buy at a store, or only for the item I found at Live Search cashback?
As long as you click on an eligible product or store link at our Live Search cashback site, you will earn cashback savings on all eligible purchases you make during your store visit (except for limited exceptions described in our terms and conditions). Different products may have different cashback percentage rates, so the rate for other products you buy may be higher or lower than the rate displayed on the Live Search cashback site for the product you initially searched for.

When do I get my Live Search cashback savings?
When you sign into your cashback account, you’ll see your current cashback balances, including pending, available, earned and paid cashback amounts. Live Search cashback purchases are listed in your cashback account as pending for 60 days from the purchase date in case you decide to return your purchase. Once you have passed the 60 days and your available cashback balance is more than $5, you can choose one of the payment methods listed in your cashback account. We will then send your cashback in approximately 14 days.

How do I get to my cashback account?
You can view your account information and the status of your Live Search cashback purchases any time from your Live Search cashback account. You also can get to your account from the cashback link at the upper right of any Live Search page, and then just click Your Account.

Does the contact information I provide a store have to match my Live Search account information to earn cashback?
No. The store should report any purchase to us regardless of the contact information you provide to them (name, address, email). But it’s critical that you provide us with a valid email address when you register to ensure you can complete your registration and access and collect your Live Search cashback savings.

I don’t see the cashback savings after I go to the store’s site. Is it working?
Yes! When you click the Go to Store button on Live Search cashback and make an eligible purchase, the store will notify us and we will put your cashback savings in your account. Just in case your purchase is not properly reported, it’s a good idea to save your order receipt.

A purchase isn’t showing up in my account. What should I do?
Most purchases appear as pending within a day or two, but occasionally a store may take longer to tell us about your purchase. If you made a purchase more than 7 days ago that isn’t displayed in your cashback account, contact us with your purchase details. We’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.

Can I use an alternative payment method (i.e. PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.) when I purchase from the Store and still get my cashback savings?
We can’t guarantee that your purchase will be reported to us correctly if you use an alternative payment method. We’re always looking to improve our service and will continue to work to support other alternative payment methods in the future.

What happens if I return, exchange, or cancel a purchase?
Returns, exchanges and cancelations are subject to the store’s return policy. If you return, cancel, or exchange part or all of a purchase, the store may reverse your purchase with us, and we won’t be able to pay you any cashback savings from that transaction.

What does it mean when my Live Search cashback is pending, available, earned or paid?
If your cashback savings is:

Pending – We wait 60 days after your purchase for possible returns, and then your cashback savings will be available for payment.
Available – You can request payment when your total cashback balance is at least $5.
Earned – All eligible orders that have exceeded 60 days have ‘earned’ cashback.
Paid – You have requested payment.


What do I do if I never get an email that tells me how to finish opening my Live Search cashback account?
Just click here to have us send you the Welcome email that gives you all the information you need to finish opening your account.

How do I change my Live Search cashback email address for receiving communications?
Just go to the email preferences page and give us the new email address you want for receiving all of your important cashback email communications.

Can I earn Live Search cashback for phone or in-store purchases?
Live Search cashback savings are currently only available for online purchases.

Can I get Live Search cashback if I don’t have an account?
No. You can still use Live Search to find products to buy, but we hope you want the extra cash!

Why are you paying me cashback?
We want to earn your loyalty and reward it with cashback savings for your everyday online shopping. We are “The Search That Pays You Back”!


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