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15 Sep

I’ll be at in Vegas tomorrow and throughout the week networking, talking to a few companies about some shared ideas and offering my thoughts and opinions about the industry in general. If you’d like to grab a drink, my schedule is fairly fluid, so the best way to reach me is jbuechler@gmail I’ll be checking the iPhone regularly so if you have that # you can reach me there as well.


-Jeff Buechler


Q2 Advertisers Down on Search Engines, MSN down 20%

10 Sep

Advertiser number  for three major search engines lower in Q2, with MSN’s  down nearly 20 percent. Google was down6.4 percent while Yahoo’s increased slightly  .o3% . 12 month advertiser growth for Google, Yahoo, and MSN were -8.5 percent, +9.8 percent, and -6.7 percent, respectively.

Lay offs at ChannelAdvisor

3 Sep

ChannelAdvisor in a cost savings move, laid off/terminated 35 or so people…about 15% of its work force. This number included 4 Vice Presidents which had been terminated a few weeks ago.

I see the writing on the wall and will be exploring a number of options.

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