Online Retailers Who Don’t Make Customers Use a Phone Tree

25 Aug

According to Stella Service; “only 21 of the Internet’s top 100 retailers connect shoppers directly to a live agent. That list expands to 22 if we also include 1-800 CONTACTS, which falls just outside the top 100 at #101 (We’re especially impressed that a business that bears its customer service phone number as its name, which leads to even higher call volume, steers clear of an IVR to ensure the best possible experience for shoppers).”


Here is StellaService’s list of online retailers that connect you directly to a human being:
Neiman Marcus
Urban Outfitters
1-800 Contacts

And those retailers that force customers into automated phone menus or IVRs (Interactive Voice Response)?  Shoppers are kept on hold for an average of 1 minute and 51 seconds, a 117 percent increase over the average hold time (51 seconds) for retailers that do not use automated phone menus.

I doubt this will change any retailers customer service policies…but it should.


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