Google Changes…a Webinar That Probably Won’t Suck

14 Jun

I get asked daily …well hourly, really…what’s going on with Google, err Google Shopping, err Google Product Listings, err Froogle, err Google Base, etc.

I’ve lost track of how many marketing budgets I’ve helped forecast the past 2 weeks!

Well, Google reps were at the Mercent booth at IRCE last week and we’ll be doing a webinar with actual information (*cough unlike some some company’s webinars where I used to work *cough ryhmes with ‘Panel Advisor’* *cough* fluff*).

So if you want  the most up to date info available, here you go: *warning crass commercial message ahead* Mercent pays most of my bills these days now that I play poker infrequently*

Making Sense of New Google Shopping

Date: Thursday, June 28th (Add to your calendar)
Time: 1:00PM (PDT)/4:00PM (EDT)
Day of event go to:
Call in number: (510) 443-0604 Access Code: 479-237-698
Meeting ID: 479-237-698

Hello,Join a panel of Google Shopping experts from Mercent and Google as they discuss the five things you need to know about the changes to Google Shopping – and more important – how you can prepare for those changes in time to capitalize on the 2012 holiday shopping season.Regardless of your current approach to Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads, you’ll come away with specific sales strategies and immediate actions you can take to boost profitability and make the most of Google Shopping.
RSVP and add to your calendarQuestions? Want more info?
Contact Mercent at 206.832.3971 (hell no that’s not my direct line) or




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