Amazon Flex -es It’s Delivery Muscles

29 Sep

Amazon officially launched its new Amazon Flex package delivery option yesterday, using everyday drivers to deliver packages in their own cars Uber-style.

The company advertises drivers can make $18 to $25 per hour provided you are  at least 21-years-old, have a car, driver’s license, a clean background check and an Android phone. Amazon’s driver recruiting website opines that these jobs offer advantages that traditional employees don’t enjoy i.e. schedule flexibility.

Amazon Flex launched in Seattle on Tuesday and is now recruiting drivers to handle Prime Now’s 1 & 2 hour deliveries. Flex will be offered in eight other cities, including NYC.

Amazon tells the Wall Street Journal it will continue to use its previously contracted courier companies  for  same-day deliveries, but it will now also have the ability to route some orders through Flex.

“There is a tremendous population of people who want to work in an on-demand fashion,” Clark told the WSJ. “This is another opportunity for people to work with the company.”amazon flex


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