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MSN Live Serving Up Google Adwords in Its SERPS

19 Dec

From Raven SEO:

Live Search is offering a new way for AdWords customers to get click-throughs — their own natural SERPs. They appear to be indexing AdWords ads from Google’s own SERPs. Doing a search on Live for colorations paint (at the time of this writing) will give you AdWords ads in the third and fourth natural result. I can only assume this is unintentional and is simply a bug in their crawler. Regardless, it’s a little embarrassing.

Live Search returns Google AdWords Results

Jeff: It’s not a mistake….its the holiday season! A season of giving…better to give than receive, right Steve Ballmer?



More Free Google Checkout

17 Dec

Google is extending its free payment offer for online retailers that offer Google Checkout through January. The offer had been set to expire Dec. 31.

When the offer ends, Google will give merchants credits based on AdWord spend. Merchants will get free processing on $10 worth of Google Checkout transactions for every $1 they spend with AdWords.

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