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How Merchants Fail Online: Example 3

20 Dec

I am an online merchant’s dream customer. I buy nearly everything online, once I’ve done business with a merchant I tend to repeatedly buy from them, I am not terribly price conscious, and I am easily moved to action by merchant promotions. 

 If a product I order doesn’t meet my needs, or I misorder something, I practically NEVER return anything. I simply give it as a gift to someone who could use it. ( I accidentally bought 3 Mr Potato Heads (no not for me!) this year and simply handed the extras out to neighborhood kids.

In short, a retailer’s dream customer.

Which is why the following email thread is so unlike my usual buying behavior and experience.  After looking on Amazon (which I love) I found what I needed thru Amazon’s Merchant program (which is terrible).  In this case, I need a gift for Xmas and if it won’t arrive prior to Xmas, I would need to make other arrangements.  After reviewing the merchant’s shipping policies, it seemed as if it would arrive in plenty of time. So the order was placed, Dec 14. I received the usual reply email and I was informed it might not arrive until Dec 26th. Unlikely, but possible so I IMMEDIATELY contacted the seller to see if they could insure it would arrive by Dec 24th.

Well…I’ll let you read the email thread. I have redacted the name of the seller and edited it slightly for grammar,to remove personal info and make it easier to follow.

—–Original Message—–From: Jeff <Email address>To: <redacted>Sent: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 3:00 pmSubject: Amazon order  Hi,I saw that my order might not get to me before Dec 26. I will def need it before xmas. If I can’t get it before then I really will not need it. Please let me know when you can get it to me. Jeff B*************************************** Email addressSubject:            Re: Amazon orderDate:    Fri, 14 Dec 2007 19:38:19 -0500From:   <redacted>    Hello: Thank you for your order.   Amazon transactions typically take 5 business (Mon-Fri) days to process and 7-10 for shipping.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS Thanks again,******************************************** —–Original Message—–From: Email address <Email address>To: <redacted> <<redacted>>Sent: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 8:48 pm

Subject: Re: Amazon order


As you cannot guarantee delivery prior to Xmas, please cancel my order immediately


<sent from my IPhone>

 *********************************************—–Original Message—–From: Jeff <Email address>To: <redacted>Sent: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 2:02 pmSubject: Re: Amazon orderI have not heard from you whether or not I will be getting my order before Xmas and my request to cancel the item has not been replied to. I’ll expect to hear from you today. *************************************Email addressSubject:            Re: Amazon orderDate:    Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:14:29 -0500From:   <redacted>   Add to Address Book   Add Mobile Alert  Hello: Your order has shipped out today and you should receive it within the next few days.  It shipped via USPS and naturally given the holiday season it has been taking the post office a little longer (allow an extra couple of days.)  Don’t worry I guarantee you it will arrive soon. Thanks


  Email addressSubject:            Re: Amazon orderDate:    Wed, 19 Dec 2007 10:51:46 -0500From:   <redacted>   Add to Address Book   Add Mobile Alert   Jeff:  We want to make sure we sent the right size and color please confirm your address size and color. Thanks again ******************************************* —–Original Message—–From: Jeff <Email address>To: <redacted>Sent: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 2:19 pmSubject: Re: Amazon orderFYI It was medium and I believe the color was green.    Jeff  Email addressSubject:            Re: Amazon orderDate:    Wed, 19 Dec 2007 18:49:07 -0500From:   <redacted>   Add to Address Book   Add Mobile Alert  Hello: The suit was only offered in two colors black and pink which color do you want i size medium.   ******************************************  Thu, 20 Dec 2007 06:35:52 -0800 (PST)From:   “Jeff” <Email address>   Add to Address Book   Add Mobile Alert Subject:            Re: Amazon orderTo:       <redacted> So it is not shipped. That’s what you are telling me. Even though you said it was already. Unless you plan on overnight-ing it, I am not interested.******************************************* From: Jeff <Email address>To: <redacted>Sent: Thurs, 20 Dec 2007 9:56 amSubject: Re: Amazon order  I have requested a firm date on when it would be shipped, you have either ignored my requests, or lied.

I expect an answer to my request for immediate overnight shipping of my medium, black XXXXXX, or a formal cancellation of my order. A copy of the email thread will be sent to Amazon and will be included in your merchant feedback if this is not resolved  immediately.

 *************************************************Email addressSubject:            Re: Amazon orderDate:    Thu, 20 Dec 2007 10:50:27 -0500From:   <redacted>   Add to Address Book   Add Mobile Alert  I have replied to all of your requests.  Additionally, I pride myself on providing excellent customer service and as I stated in the listing on amazon the suit only came in two colors.  Where you came up with the color green is beyond me. Additionally, i am rather uncertain as to why you have been so abrupt in this process. As both a buyer and seller I understand your concern but I have made every effort to satisfy your needs as a customer.  That is why I confirmed with you.  If you understand Amazon then you understand that once an order is placed funds typically take a few days to process and clear. Your item will be shipped out today and you will receive a tracking number latest tomorrow morning.  The item will be upgraded to USPS Priority Shipping. Thanks***************************************** Thu, 20 Dec 2007 08:13:17 -0800 (PST)From:   “Jeff” <Email address>   Add to Address Book   Add Mobile Alert Subject:            Re: Amazon orderTo:       <redacted>  No you lied when you said it had shipped, as your earlier email indicated. Additionally, I should not have to ‘remind’ you of what I ordered both size and color. That information is communicated to you directly from Amazon.  Additionally, I have requested you cancel that order for nearly a week now; to which you have ignored and proceeded anyway.  As you have not complied with either of my very simple requests:1) overnight my order (of course if you had shipped it out when you said you had, it would not be an issue),or;2) cancel the order  I will both alert Amazon, and institute a chargeback thru Amazon and my credit card company. I will also include my feedback on your merchant account. If the order ships, I will consider it an unrequested package and under the terms of USPS, a gift. This my dear readers…is how to piss off a customer.

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