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Up to 95% of All Email is Spam

13 Dec

Barracuda Networks is reporting that up to 90-95% of all email is spam. “They analyzed over one billion messages sent to its 50,000 customers. Barracuda says that the percentage of spam increased from 85-90 percent in 2006, and is way up from 5 percent back in 2001. After conducting a poll of 261 business professionals, Barracuda also found that over half—57 percent—consider spam to be the “worst form of junk advertising,” almost double that of junk snail mail. Only 12 percent cited telemarketers as the worst. ”



Spammers Conceding to Google?

29 Nov

From Wired:

“Google won’t disclose numbers, but the company says that spam attempts, as a percentage of e-mail that’s transmitted through its Gmail system, have waned over the last year. That could indicate that some spammers have gotten discouraged and have stopped trying to get through Google’s spam filters.”


I use Yahoo mail far more than I do Gmail. I have no idea why. I get tons of spam daily, much of it with obvious spam titles. Maybe its time I make the switch.

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