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Consumer Electronics Sector to Grow 6.1 % to $171B in 2008

31 Jan

Jeff Buechler—HDTV, gaming and gps big drivers 

From a  CEA Press release:

“The consumer electronics industry is projected to post a healthy 6.1 percent increase in revenues in 2008, according to the semi-annual industry forecast released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®. CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro announced the figures today in his opening remarks at the 2008 International CES®, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.

“CE industry sales have exceeded our expectations once again, despite a challenging domestic economic situation,” said Shapiro. “It’s clear that the spirit of innovation will continue to sustain and grow our industry. Indeed, we are seeing this innovation on display here at the 2008 International CES. This is especially healthy growth when compared to that of any other industry.” ”



Google “My Location” GPS without GPS

28 Nov

Google Maps is now featuring the ability to triangulate your position (without GPS) and pinpoint your position. Using “My Location” technology, Google can use cell towers to determine your position.  It will work on most smart phones including Blackberry, Symbian 60 devices 3rd ed, Windows Mobile devices and some Motorola and Sony/Ericcson devices. Is there anything those crazy kids at Google can’t do?



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