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Google Can Be Mean

28 Feb

We’ve all seen funny Google auto fill-ins, but I don’t think I have ever seen a Google Map suggestion so mean spirited as the one I ran today. I a search from the headquarters of the company that I work for to a latrine. (Don’t ask…it wasn’t for me.)
Well Google asked, ” Did I Mean”: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (first result). For those of you who aren’t familiar with the foundation, it was founded by (unsurprisingly) Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft; it is a non-profit, philanthriopic orginization “dedicated to bringing innovations in health, development, and learning to the global community”.
Shame on you Google…or more likely some Google engineer.


Bing and Yahoo Partnership Cleared by US and EU

18 Feb

From Yahoo:
Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. have received clearance from regulators in Washington and Europe to proceed with a search partnership intended to challenge Google Inc.

The companies announced Thursday that the partnership has been approved without restrictions by the Justice Department and the European Commission. Under the 10-year agreement, Microsoft’s Bing search engine will process search requests and steer search-related ads on Yahoo. Yahoo is due to get 88 percent of the revenue generated from the ads placed alongside the search results on its sites.

The companies said they will begin implementing the deal in the coming days by shifting Yahoo’s search platforms to Microsoft. They hope to move most advertisers and publishers before the 2010 holiday season, but may wait until 2011 if necessary, and expect to complete the process by early 2012.

This deal came about after the Justice Department indicated in 2008 that it would fight Yahoo’s plan to team up with Google on search. That rejection led Yahoo to turn to Microsoft, which had once offered to buy Yahoo in its entirety.

A statement from the European Commission said the Yahoo-Microsoft partnership “would not significantly impede effective competition.”

Yahoo is MSN’s Shipoopi

8 Apr

Much like ‘the girl that’s hard to get’,(funny family guy song) Yahoo is Microsoft’s shipoopi. Both MSN and Yahoo have been playing a distant second and third fiddle to Google who keeps grabbing marketshare a .25 to .5 percent/quarter while MSN and Yahoo fight over an ever shrinking piece of the pie. 

Yahoo has rejected a three-week deadline from Microsoft to accept a 44.6 billion dollar takeover, as the battle between the two technology titans heated up.

Yahoo however said on Monday it was open to a sweetened bid from the software giant or another bidder.

“We continue to believe that your proposal is not in the best interests of Yahoo and our stockholders,” Yahoo’s board chairman Roy Bostock and chief executive Jerry Yang said in a letter to CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer.

“We are open to all alternatives that maximize stockholder value. To be clear, this includes a transaction with Microsoft if it represents a price that fully recognizes the value of Yahoo on a standalone basis,” the Yahoo letter said.

The letter came in response to an ultimatum issued by Microsoft on Saturday for the Internet giant to accept its 44.6 billion dollar takeover offer in three weeks or face a shareholder proxy fight.”

Together they may not be able to reverse their fortunes, but seperately it is almost a certainty they cannot.


Microsoft Offers To Buy Yahoo

1 Feb

microhoo.jpgBy Jeff Buechler— As my sources had shared with me and as I had written about a month ago, Microsoft has made an offer to buy Yahoo for about $44.6 billion, or $31 a share, in a mix of cash and stock.  The offer represents a 62 percent premium over Yahoo’s closing stock price of $19.18 on Thursday.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO said in a statement, “We have great respect for Yahoo!, and together we can offer an increasingly exciting set of solutions for consumers, publishers and advertisers while becoming better positioned to compete in the online services market.”

Yahoo response:

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), a leading global Internet company, today said that it has received an unsolicited proposal from Microsoft to acquire the Company. The Company said that its Board of Directors will evaluate this proposal carefully and promptly in the context of Yahoo!’s strategic plans and pursue the best course of action to maximize long-term value for shareholders.

Technically it may have been unsolicited but there were plenty of ‘what if’ discussions prior to this offer. Whether efficiencies in the two companies can be achieved is primarily going to be based on the execution. Time will tell how the two very different strengths of each company can be leveraged to produce a sum greater than its parts.

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